Friday, July 27, 2018

Wild Curses - Book 4 in the Wilder Witch Cozy Mystery Series

Wilder's favorite (well, only) witch is at it again.  But this time trouble hits too close to home!

Clover Trace’s life is full of surprises these days. She’s taking care of her dad, helping Jason with his newfound dream of joining the police force, and taking care of her Aunt Sage’s enormous house. But when murder hits close to home and threatens to ruin her cousin Jason’s life, she drops everything and turns her attention to solving the case.

But her partner in crime, Dante, is out of town. That leaves May Marie, who doesn’t really understand Clover’s magic and Jason, who has to hide from the cops so he won’t get arrested before Clover can solve the murder of his girlfriend Cameron. In other words, Clover needs all the supernatural help she can get in order 
to save Jason’s future.

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