Friday, August 17, 2018

Mall Santa Murder (Gemma Stone Cozy Mystery Book 2)

Is it too early to start thinking about a cozy Christmas mystery?

Gemma Stone normally hates the Black Friday shopping rush, but this year she’s excited – she and her best friend Holly have opened their very own jewelry boutique, and they’re pretty proud of it. The only downside might be that their fancy new mall kiosk is directly in front of Santa Land, the noisiest spot in the mall.

Santa is a drunk, the elves are kind of mean, and to top it off, security is left up to a wannabe cop who can’t pass the police academy entrance exam. As if that isn’t enough, Gemma discovers Santa dead, propped up against a poinsettia and strangled with garland.

Suddenly everyone is a suspect, and Gemma can’t keep her nose out of police business. Things are getting dangerous, but even with handsome detective Ross Ferguson tracking her every move, Gemma has to solve this crime before she ends up dead.

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