Monday, September 17, 2018

Dark Gods

Lincoln Stone is a man of God. Finding his soulmate could cost him everything.

Lincoln Stone is a man of the cloth, a pillar of the community, a man of God.
Fortune Black is a magician, a seer, a mystery with silver eyes.
They are so different. They are soul-bound.

Pastor Stone has hidden his secrets for so long that they've almost disappeared. He likes it that way. His world is small and safe, and there is no place in it for messy emotions. In a word, he's stuffy. So why, after a chance meeting with a fortune-teller, is he suddenly plagued with delicious dreams that leave him shaking and hungry for kisses he can never taste? 

Is is magic? Is it possible that Fortune Black is the real thing and not just the con-man that Lincoln dismissed so casually at first? Lincoln doesn't believe in that sort of thing, but it's the only explanation he's got. 

Chasing Fortune down is easy. 
Getting the answers he needs is terrifying.
Finding his soulmate could cost him everything.

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