Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Author Out and About

Hello and Happy Halloween!  Willow here.  Just wanted to bring you up to date on a few things that are going on around the office this week.

     We have a couple of new social media accounts.  You can find us on Pinterest as PinwheelBooks with (among others) a board called Author Out and About.  I'll be trying to post on it regularly with some candid shots of our writing world.
     We're now on Instagram as @pinwheelbooks.  I try to post there at least once a day, another way to connect with our writing community.  Here are a few of the pictures I've posted in the past few days. As you can guess, early morning, coffee and journaling are part of my morning practice. 


     Please stop by and say hello.  Social media can be a lonely place when you're a newbie like me.
     Today is Halloween, of course, but it's also NaNoWriMo eve.  We're all geared up around here for some crazy writing days during the month of November.  Jade Wolfe  swears she's going to 150,000 words this month.  She already has 3 books in a new series outlined.
      I don't know if I can write that many words but I am dipping my toe into the urban fantasy realm in November with a chilling tale of murder--and werewolves.  More on that later.  I'll keep everyone updated on our word count.
     I think that's about all the news for today.  I just started reading Dangerous Habits by Susan Hunter.  It's really good.  JD Salyers is reading Twilight Eyes by Dean Koontz.  He is soooooo scary good!
     Hey, what is your favorite Halloween treat?

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