Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Good Wife: A Rural Noir

Bill Landry is the master of his home and land. He’s never faced anything that he couldn’t crush beneath his wide size twelves or put down with a shot from his rifle. Nobody crosses Bill, including his wife Martha.

Of course, she doesn’t have much choice, especially when a hunting accident leaves him home-bound and full of rage. He’s becoming more vicious by the day, turning on her and anyone else who ventures too close to their mountain home. She’s trapped there with him, and the more deranged he grows, the more she’s sure she’ll never get out of that valley alive.

Amazon Customer Review:
"I have not read a book in many years that held my attention like this one has! I have not felt this much anger towards a character before! Bill.....what a trip he is. Martha.....forever nurturing and caring. I will not spoil it for you but do suggest you buy this one and start reading. You won't be sorry!!"

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