Thursday, January 3, 2019

Author Interview over at Tea Cottage Mysteries

My interview with Samantha McGraw runs today over at Tea Cottage Mysteries.  It's such a pretty, relaxing site where she shares her love of chocolate, afternoon tea, cottage living and mysteries.  We're talking about Pumpkin Spice and a Body on Ice, plus some other things that you're sure to enjoy.  Click here to read all about it.

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Spend the Day with Starla Cupp!

     Hey, ya’ll. Starla Cupp here, co-owner of the Dixie Cupp Diner located in the tiny town of Sugar Hill, Virginia. My day? Well, it starts around four in the morning. I live upstairs over the diner in a cozy apartment, so my commute consists of trying not to fall down the stairs. My business partner and best friend, Poppy and our morning cook, Gladys get in about half an hour later. Poppy is good at paying our bills and keeping track of our bottom line, but I like being out on the floor, waiting tables and taking care of my customers. If you can’t tell already, the Dixie Cupp Diner is my happy place - noisy, fun, and full of people I’ve known all my life.
     While Gladys fires up the grill and slides the first big pan of her famous biscuits into the oven, I get the coffee pots going. Then the early birds start arriving, so Poppy and I work together to fill their orders quickly and get them on their way. There’s a little break and then the morning regulars start arriving. There’s Mayor Gillespie, who holds court at the end of the counter. There’s dear old Mrs. Blake who defended the English language at Sugar Hill High (illustrious home of the fighting Honey Badgers) until she retired. Eva and Anna Lord, twins who own the yoga studio down the street, come in with their good friend Tiffany Samples - she runs the health food store. Poppy’s fianc√©, Tom Brown pops in for a quick breakfast and she usually takes a break to chat with him a minute or two.
     Another regular customer is our new Chief of Police, Tucker Ashe. Tucker and I grew up next door to each other. He joined the military and traveled the world. I stayed right here in town. It took the murder of our mailman to bring him back to Sugar Hill, where our friendship took up right where it left off. However, lately, I’ve been wondering if my feelings for him might run a little deeper.
     After the morning rush, Poppy and I make the deposit at the bank and then go for a walk in the park. She’s determined to fit into that wedding dress! Back at the diner, I head up to my place for a nap. Later, I help with the dinner crowd and close down the diner at night. What do I do when I’m not working or trying out new recipes? Well, much to Tucker’s dismay, I’m usually in the middle of solving a murder. That’s gotten me (and sometimes Poppy) into hot water more than once, but I just can’t help but get involved.

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