Friday, February 8, 2019

Coming Undone

Landon Briggs is losing his memories.

Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, he and his wife Melody are doing their best to adjust, all the while keeping the news from their sons James and Peter.
No need for the boys to worry. They’ve got their own lives to lead.
So when they invite Landon along for one last boys-only camping trip, Landon is determined to go - in spite of Melody’s worries. In spite of the holes in his mind. In spite of the fact that his hold on reality is slipping more and more quickly every day. After all, his only grandson Jakey will be along – it’s the kid’s first wilderness adventure, and Landon is going to be there for it.
Even if it costs him everything.
A new novel about one man's worst nightmare and the deadly consequences of a mind gone wild. For readers who enjoy best selling thriller and suspense authors like Krueger, Coates, and Koontz, pick up this gripping new release today.

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